Harbor Regenerative Services Pricing

I have a cash based medical practice that provides multiple options to help you with affordable medical care.

Monthly membership – There is a limited number of memberships available so if you are interested in this, you will want to inquire soon.
Fee for service  (pay each time you come in)

I am out of network, however I will provide you a super bill for you to submit to your insurance for reimbursement although I cannot guarantee that the insurance company will reimburse you.

HSA will allow for tax deferred payment for incidental medical expenses like labs, prescriptions, supplements, imaging, and even payment toward your deductible if necessary. It is also a great way to pay for Prolotherapy injections that are not covered by insurance companies. I cannot guarantee that your HSA will pay and anything that they do not cover, you will be responsible.

Your Insurance company may cover the costs of labs, imaging or prescriptions however, I cannot guarantee they will pay them and if they don’t, you will be responsible.


Orthopedic Services

  • Prolotherapy $300-$400

    Cost is based on area of injection.

  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) $800-$1,600

    Cost is based on area of injection.

  • Neural Therapy/Trigger Point Injections $300

    Cost is per area of injection.

  • Ozone injections Varies

Primary Care

  • Initial Consultation $300

    Initial consult required for all new patients. Upon booking an initial consult, you will be sent a digital intake form that must be completed prior to your visit.

  • Follow-up Consultation $200

    Initial consult required for all new patients. Upon booking an initial consult, you will be sent a digital intake form that must be completed prior to your visit.

  • Nasal insufflation w/Ozone $35
  • Wound healing w/Ozone Varies


  • Hair Rejuvenation Package $3,800

    Includes initial consult and 5 treatments.

  • Emsculpt NEO® $3,400

    Includes initial consult and 4 treatments on one treatment area. Call for more information and extended packages.

  • Emsella® $2,400

    Initial consult and 6 treatments included.

  • PRP/Emsculpt NEO® combo $4,800

    Includes initial consult, 2 PRP injections (non-back), 4 Emsculpt NEO® treatments.


The 48-hour cancellation policy enables us to do our best to fill these openings–just like you, we’d much prefer another client take your place than charge for a last-minute cancellation/no show.  The cancellation policy also enables us to retain good employees as we compensate them for their time even if a client is a “no-show.”  It is very important that we have time to fill your appointment slot if you decide you need to cancel.

Should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please contact us a minimum of 48 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment time.  Without a 48-hour notice, you will be charged 50% of the scheduled service price.


We understand that emergency situations do arise and we will try to accommodate you as best we can. However, if arriving more than 10 minutes late it may result in a shortened appointment or a cancellation if there is not enough time to complete the procedure. If your appointment is cancelled due to late arrival you will be charged 50% of the scheduled service fee.


Treatment packages are available for use for two years from the date of purchase. Complimentary treatments are available for use for one year from the date the complimentary treatment was credited to the client’s account. 


You may return purchased skincare products within 14 days of the purchase for account credit to be used for future purchases as long as it is unopened.  The product can be returned after it was used if an allergic reaction is experienced. 


Treatments and treatment package purchases are not refundable.  There are exceptions to this rule; you must speak with management if any unforeseen circumstances occur.


We have made a promise to our clients that only the most beneficial treatments and products will be recommended to help obtain their goals.  However, we do not guarantee the results of the recommended treatments.  It is virtually impossible to predict results as response to treatments will vary from person to person.  We always strive to achieve the absolute best result that we can for you, and we also believe in never making unrealistic promises to our clients.