Harbor Regenerative Introduces Groundbreaking and
 Completely Non-Invasive Treatment for Incontinence in Women 
New BTL EMSELLA™ offering makes treating incontinence as easy as sitting in a chai

Gig Harbor, WA. –2022 –Dr. Lisa Ballantyne announces the introduction of a first of its kind treatment, BTL EMSELLA™– the only device available to target a woman’s entire pelvic floor region for the treatment of incontinence. This unique technology revolutionizes the women’s intimate health and wellness category by providing those suffering from incontinence with a completely non-invasive option.

The “chair” design of the device itself allows women to remain fully clothed for treatment, with no pain or downtime, so patients can walk out immediately following treatment.

 “We’re thrilled to be able to offer our patients the BTL EMSELLA treatment as it offers maximum results with no surgery needed, for both incontinence issues as well as sexual health issues” shared Dr. Ballantyne. “This is truly revolutionary as up until now, invasive treatments have been the only option to effectively address these serious issues, so we’re delighted to finally have an efficacious treatment solution that is truly non-invasive.”
Statistics show that approximately 35% of women worldwide are affected by urinary incontinence, which  presents itself in three forms: stress (leakage during physical activity), urge (strong & sudden), and mixed (combination of stress and urge). Incontinence is often a result of child birth and/or the natural aging process, and can have a dramatic effect on a woman’s quality of life. Women often report having to give up exercise and a decrease in self-confidence and intimacy as a result of incontinence. It’s important to note, that it is not just for women. Men with incontinence issues can benefit from this as well.
Harnessing the power of HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology, BTL EMSELLA™  stimulates the entire pelvic floor at once—with a single session providing thousands of supra maximal pelvic floor muscle contractions, comparable to thousands of Kegels.
 A recent clinical study demonstrated that 95% of patients treated reported satisfaction and significant improvement in their quality of life following six treatments with BTL EMSELLA™. Additionally, 67%  of treated patients totally eliminated or decreased the use of hygienic pads in day-to-day life. 
For optimal results with BTL EMSELLA™, Dr. Lisa Ballantyne  recommends a series of six, twice –weekly, 28 minute treatments. Treatment series pricing begins at Harbor Regenerative.

Urinary incontinence is defined as the involuntary leakage of urine. There are three different types of urinary incontinence:

  • Stress incontinence is when there is exerted pressure on the bladder causing leakage. This can be caused by coughing, laughing, sneezing, or exercising
  • Urge incontinence is the sudden, intense urge to urinate frequently
  • Mixed incontinence is a combination of both stress and urge incontinence

This might be a result of weak pelvic floor muscles since pelvic floor muscles play an important role in supporting pelvic organs and controlling continence. Physiological changes can contribute to the development of urinary incontinence; changes such as vaginal delivery, menopause, and aging can decondition pelvic floor muscles.

Each individual treatment is 30 minutes long and for best results, a minimum of 6 treatments with 2 treatments each week.

You will experience a tingling and contractions of your pelvic floor muscles. You can continue your regular activities immediately afterward.

You may notice results after the first treatment with continual results with each treatment.