Preventing and Reversing Your Type 2 Diabetes
No doubt you have heard the steep statistics on the growing epidemic of diabetes in the US. There are so many adults and children that are now suffering from diabetes that medical professionals are now tasked to help individuals identify the early signs and symptoms of “prediabetes.”
One of the most fascinating things about diabetes is that in many cases–especially before structural damage is done to the pancreas–it can be mostly or fully reversible! I have always had a number of family members and close friends that have struggled with diabetes, and I admit that it is a bit of a trigger for me–I have fear about losing a foot, or my vision, or the function of my kidneys, all because my body has lost the ability to deal with sugar in my diet. When I took my fasting blood sugar one morning as an experiment, and found that it was elevated at 120 (normal being between 70-100), I was alarmed! I did what most doctors won’t admit that they don’t do–I started doing what I advise my patients to do–I made some simple changes to my diet, the timing of my meals, the types and intensities of exercise, and got more sleep.

If Not Now, When?

The profound changes that I have seen with patients are mirrored in my experience, and though I am the first to admit that this was by no means easy, I have found that this strategy is both economical and effective to address and even reverse some of the damage and dysfunction that diabetes can create. Take a step with me, start where you are, and let’s start walking you back toward your best life.